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To-Go Kit

Visuals – Card set

What is it?    A 5 piece visual set that consist of: 2 double-sided – Breathing cards, 1 double-sided – 5 Steps to Calm card with I feel emotions on back, 1 double-sided – Thought card, 1 How-to card

Why is it important?   Visuals are essential, as they help create a system within your classroom for the actual use of the Calming Corner space. With the 5 Steps to Calm, students can be reminded of the expectations and goals while in the Calming Corner space. The visuals also provide students with multiple breathing strategies that can assist them in self-regulation and de-escalation.

Miniature Sensory & Fidget Toolkit

What is it?    A 4 piece miniature fidget kit that consist of: 1-Gifts of Joy keychain pop it, 1 – Large stretchy String, 1 – Sensory Strip , 1 – dry erase marker with eraser, 1- Plastic Storage Tote with latch

Why is it important?   Sensory and Fidget tools provide students with tangible tools that can stimulate various senses and thus help to redirect undesired behaviors and reduce stress/anxiety. The use of fidgets allows students to have a safe and appropriate outlet for self-regulation and de-escalation.