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Calming Corner To-Go Kit


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Our NEW To-Go Calming Corner Kit comes with everything you need to have a portable resource for your child!

What is a Calming Corner Kit?

A Calming Corner Kit is a set of supports that help guide students through the regulation of their emotions. The kit provides the student the opportunity to identify their emotions, practice breathing techniques, redirect their emotions and lastly the opportunity to reflect. Students are guided through the process of self-regulation using safe and appropriate outlets.

Who is the Calming Corner Kit for?

A calming kit can be used for any student, not just students identified as having special needs. Calming Corner Kits can support any student who finds it difficult to navigate through their emotions throughout their day. The supports found in the Calming Corner Kit can help students become more independent in the regulation of their emotions and the actions that follow heightened emotions. It is important to remember that emotions affect all students, and even teachers.

Each kit comes with a facilitation guide to answer all of your lingering questions, and to help you teach your child to use the space.

What’s included?

  • 2 Self-guided Breathing Cards (double-sided)
  • 1 5 Steps to Calm Instruction Card (front), ‘I feel’ self-awareness Card (back)
  • 1 “thought-card” with 3 reflective questions (double-sided)
  • Sensory & Fidget tools: 1 Fidget keychain popper, 1 large Stretchy String, 1 Sensory Strip
  • QR code to a 2 minute instructional video

Calming Corner Kit, Poster Set, Sensory & Fidget toolkit, Emotion Dice & Feelings Board, Facilitation Guide, Dry Erase Clipboard