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Learn about EVERY part of our Calming Corner Kit and why it’s essential.

2022 Calming Corner Manual (Secondary) (8.75 x 5.75 in)

User Facilitation Guide

What is it?   The guide is a 36-page booklet that explains every component of the kit. The guide details what breathing strategies do for our brains and breaks down common uses for each fidget inside the sensory toolkit. It also gives fun activity ideas to help with introducing and engaging your child. And addresses frequently asked questions. 

Why is it important?   The facilitation guide provides you with multiple strategies to effectively help your child use the Calming Corner space. It also provides you with an explanation of the importance of breathing, self-awareness, and self-regulation.

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Visuals – Poster set

What is it?    A 5 piece visual set that consist of: 1 – Breathing poster (8.5×11), 1 – Grounding poster (8.5×11), 1 – Customizable/Dry Erase Calming Corner Title Poster (8x10in), 1 – 5 Steps to Calm Student Poster (4.25×11), 1 – Remember to Breathe Que/Break Card (5×7 laminated), 1 – Clear Vinyl Envelope (9×12)

Why is it important?   Visuals are essential, as they help create a system within your classroom for the actual use of the Calming Corner space. With the 5 Steps to Calm, students can be reminded of the expectations and goals while in the Calming Corner space. The visuals also provide students with multiple breathing strategies that can assist them in self-regulation and de-escalation.

Landscape CC Kit (900 × 600 px) (5)

Sensory & Fidget Toolkit

What is it?    A 6 piece fidget kit that consist of: 1- Flour Stress Ball, 1- UV Bubble Pop It, 1- Liquid Motion Timer, 1- Infinity Cube, 1- Mesh Marble, 1- Magic Pad, 1- Plastic Storage Tote with latch

Why is it important?   Sensory and Fidget tools provide students with tangible tools that can stimulate various senses and thus help to redirect undesired behaviors and reduce stress/anxiety. The use of fidgets allows students to have a safe and appropriate outlet for self-regulation and de-escalation.

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Dry Erase Clipboard

What is it?    1- Dry Erase Clipboard, 1- Dry Erase marker, 1- Dry erase Eraser, 1 – Double-sided Thought Card 

Why is it important?   The dry erase clipboard board allows students to practice self-awareness and goal-setting. You can use the “Thought Card” in the Calming Corner that gives students 3 reflective questions they can respond to while in the space. The thought card also has 5 reminders of calming strategies they can choose from, and what those strategies may assist them in doing. Some thought-provoking questions can be “Write or draw about one thing that brings you joy” or “How are you currently feeling .” Providing these thought-provoking questions, students choose how they express themselves and their current emotions through drawing or writing, which is a self-regulation strategy. 


(Optional add-on) Flexible Seating Cushion

What is it?    A 15-inch vinyl memory foam cushion with an easy-to-use handle. The vinyl allows the cushion to be wiped down for easy sanitation, and the handle allows for easy transportation. 

Why is it important?   The portable cushion allows the Calming Corner space to be mobile if necessary for your class structure. It also promotes flexibility and comfort, which is essential when relaxing and de-escalating—flexible seating increases oxygen flow to the brain, and blood flow.