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Social-Emotional Learning Training

Unlock the full potential of your classrooms with Sensory-Informed SEL.

Training Topics


Sensory-Informed Practices: A Revolutionary Approach to SEL

Explore the integration of sensory-informed practices with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), focusing on creating learning environments that improve self-awareness and self-regulation. Educators will learn how to assess sensory preferences and their impact on emotional health, applying these insights to enhance their SEL strategies and better support each learner’s unique needs.


The Ultimate Calming Corners & Fidget Bootcamp

Equip educators to effectively create calming corners and use fidgets in the classroom, enhancing students’ emotional and sensory self-regulation and improving the school climate. Through hands-on learning, participants master the practical setup of sensory tools, ensuring they are utilized effectively to support students in managing their emotions.

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Reignite Your Spark: Combatting Teacher Burnout

This training provides a comprehensive exploration of educator burnout, focusing on understanding its root causes and personal vulnerabilities. Participants are equipped with practical tools and strategies, such as self-assessment and daily self-care routines, to combat burnout and build resilience in a demanding educational environment.

balancing the books

Balancing the Books: Mastering Work-Life Harmony for Educators

Understand and implement work-life balance through interactive discussions and the application of science-backed strategies. Participants leave equipped with practical, customizable tools to integrate balance into their daily lives, enhancing productivity and well-being in educational environments.

Why Gifts of Joy?

Expert-Led Sessions: Seasoned professionals with years of experience in SEL and education. Let us facilitate peer discussions, self-assessments, and more. 


Customizable Format: Whether you can only fit in a 1-hour virtual training or have the flexibility for a half-day in-person workshop. We can tailor our training to your school or district’s needs.

Practical and Interactive: Educators will walk away with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately.