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The perfect combination of visual and tangible resources to create the foundations for an EFFECTIVE Calming Corner space.

Explore our digital supports such as downloadables, product videos, research/data, funding opportunities, and webinars.

Work with one of our experts and supply your entire district/school with the tools that address your district’s most difficult problems.

Professional Development

Explore our vast topics of SEL professional development. From educator well-being to improving students’ emotional intelligence. 

Explore our Calming Corner Kits and the various components of each, such as poster sets and sensory and fidget tools.

Learn about how you can partner with us to sponsor children and teachers in your local community!

Shop our wide variety of preassembled joyboxes and find the box that meets the needs of your organization. 

Work with one of our skilled team members and supply your organization and all of its partner locations with the tools that address your most difficult problems.

Explore our large sensory and fidget products. Make sure to check out our fun collection of poppers!

Browse our digital resources such as fun and engaging downloadables, product videos, and webinars.

Learn about an empowering tool that teaches your child safe strategies to regulate their big emotions.

Join the conversation! Our blogs cover various topics, from autism to tantrums to managing a parent’s work-life balance.


Calming Corner Kits!

An empowering tool for self-awareness, and self-regulation. Teaching skills that will last a lifetime.

Calming Corner Kits & More

Social-Emotional Learning done correctly.

  • Breath Ball

  • Secondary Calming Corner Kit (6th-12th)

  • Elementary Calming Corner Kit (PreK-5th)

  • Daniel Tiger’s Calming Corner Kit


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