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Signature JoyBox


  • 2 Liquid Motion Timers
  • 6 Stretchy Strings (XS)
  • 2 Stress Balls (sports  theme)
  • 1 Bubble Pop Fidget, 
  • 1 Fidget Magic Pad
  • 1 Snap Snake.
  • GiftsOfJoy storage box.

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This multi-sensory bundle includes 2 liquid motion timers, 6 stretchy strings, 2 sports themed stress balls, 1 Push Pop bubble popping fidget, 1 fidget magic pad, 1 snap snake. This multi-sensory tool kit also comes with a reusable GiftsOfJoy storage box. Each fidget toy stimulates one or more of the human senses. These fidget toys also help reduce anxiety and stress. Great gifts for adults and kids with ADD/ADHD/OCD or people with high stress levels. Great for children with Autism, special needs and special education teachers. Sturdy and great for travel anxiety. These quiet and portable toys are great shareable travel toys, or to be used as incentives and prizes.