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The field of education is constantly evolving, adapting, and innovating to better meet the diverse needs of students. One emerging approach that has garnered much attention is Sensory-Informed Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This holistic approach intertwines sensory awareness with emotional intelligence development, offering students a well-rounded, supportive learning environment.

What is Sensory-Informed Social Emotional Learning?

Sensory-informed SEL is an educational approach that combines two crucial elements. First, it considers the sensory experiences of students—how they perceive and interact with the world around them. Second, it emphasizes the importance of developing emotional intelligence, empathy, and social skills.

Why is Sensory-Informed SEL important in the classroom?


Fosters Inclusion: With sensory-informed SEL, educators can create an inclusive environment that acknowledges and respects the diverse sensory experiences and emotional needs of all students. This ensures that no student is left behind due to unaddressed sensory sensitivities or emotional struggles.


Enhances Student Engagement: By considering students’ sensory needs and preferences, educators can design learning experiences that capture and sustain students’ interest. This leads to higher engagement and, ultimately, improved academic outcomes.


Promotes Emotional Intelligence: SEL helps students understand and manage their emotions, develop empathy, and build strong, healthy relationships. These skills are vital for personal well-being and success in the interconnected world.


Reduces Classroom Disruptions: Sensory-informed SEL strategies can help alleviate some common causes of classroom disruptions. By helping students understand and manage their sensory experiences and emotions, educators can create a more peaceful and productive learning environment.

Bringing Sensory-Informed SEL into Your Classroom

Implementing sensory-informed SEL doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Our upcoming course, “Empowering Classrooms: Sensory-Informed Social Emotional Learning for Educators,” offers a comprehensive guide for educators seeking to incorporate this powerful approach into their classrooms.

By integrating sensory-informed SEL into your teaching practices, you can create a supportive, engaging, and inclusive learning environment that truly empowers students. Stay tuned for more information about our course, and join us on this exciting journey towards transforming education!

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