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JUMBO EGG Sensory Kit


  • 1 Carrot Bubble Popper
  • 1 Snap Snake
  • 2 Stretchy Strings (Lg)
  • 3 Glow in the Dark Sticky Ceiling Balls
  • 1 Infinity Cube
  • 1 Deluxe Dodecagon
  • 2 Marble Mesh
  • 1 Pop Tube.

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Inside this JUMBO EGG is a multi-sensory bundle. Includes 1 Carrot shaped Push Pop bubble popping fidget, 1 snap snake, 2 extra thick stretchy stings, 3 glow in the dark sticky wall ceiling balls, 1 infinite cube, 1 Deluxe Dodecagon fidget, 2 marble mesh fidgets, and 1 plastic pop tube. Each fidget toy stimulates one or more of the human senses. These fidget toys also help to increase focus, reduce anxiety, and stress. Great gifts for adults and kids. Great for children with Autism, special needs and special education teachers. Sturdy and great for travel anxiety. Stuff this years Easter Egg baskets with this EXCLUSIVE jumbo egg. Excellent portable and shareable travel toys, can be used as incentives and prizes. We hope this kit creates meaningful memories that will bring a lifetime of JOY. For Children 3 years old and up.